Hi, I'm Jim

Originally a skateboarder / snowboarder, I’ve graduated from a cinema school in France in 2009 and 3 months later landed in Thailand as a backpacker with a videocamera looking to travel around and kitesurf. A week later I started work with the Kiteboard Tour Asia in its first season of operation, 2009-10, producing video reports & some photography. After 4 full seasons, doing 5-10 events a year, I stepped back a little and explored other stuff, but still doing occasional events in Asia, the last one being Sri Lanka in 2019.

I’ve also started a website in 2017 mostly about travel and action sports, and now based in Europe again after a decade, I’m available here for any shooting, editing, or both. 

Nowadays I wakeboard on cable parks mostly, but still kitesurf and snowboard as well, and dabble in a few others, any board, anywhere, I’m in. Worked as a cable park 2.0 operator. I also used to be a professional deckhand onboard superyachts up to 160 ft for quite some time, and know my way around boats and west med’s prestigious coasts. I drive wakeboats too (my favourite, of course), and enjoy sailing since forever, being born on one of the smallest Caribbean Island with a boat captain dad.